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Navigating a Rewarding Journey as a Locum Tenens Anesthesiologist

October 31, 2023 Dr. Liudmila Schafer
The Doctor Connect
Navigating a Rewarding Journey as a Locum Tenens Anesthesiologist
Show Notes

Dr. Schafer's guest today is Danica Q. Pruett, MD, CMQ. She is a Board-certified anesthesiologist with ample experience in different kinds of practices. After her first decade in private practice, she decided to mix her adventurous personality with her love of meeting new people. Being a traveler physician suited her well. She has multiple state licenses and travels both in and out of her state of residence to work.  When not working at an academic center, she finds opportunities to meet medical students and residents at medical conventions, medical society events, and even on medical social media. 

Dr. Pruett must keep up with laws for healthcare in each state, credentialing policies for different hospitals and state medical boards, and the diverse technology used in each place, including AI/ML (Artificial intelligence machine learning). Dr. Pruett jumps at the opportunity to help the committee and/or research teams, even if her time in each job is limited. This immense exposure gives her the ability to start any new job easily and work expeditiously. It also has helped her coach many peers regarding the Locum Tenens physician’s (“traveler physician”) life. 

  • How to transition to locum tenens due to family needs.
  • Value of locum tenens for physicians looking for change and balance.
  • Importance of understanding different practice environments.
  • Need to redefine the perception of locum tenens
  • Discusses the pros and cons she has observed in various practices.
  • Highlights the importance of understanding and balancing different styles of practice with personal life.
  • Early challenges and the importance of support.
  • shares a vulnerable story from her initial days in locum tenens and the importance of mentoring early
  • Mention of their upcoming book on Artificial Intelligence in Medicine.
  • Discussion on the role and future of AI in anesthesiology and medicine.

The episode also touches on the changing perceptions and increasing popularity of locum tenens positions, offering professionals control over their schedules and career satisfaction. Dr. Pruett expresses her comfort with the term 'locum tenens,' viewing it as an empowering way of life and career choice that aligns with her values and professional fulfillment needs.

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